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Much Wenlock

Much Wenlock is an attractive little town in Shropshire, 8 miles from Bridgnorth and 12 miles from Shrewsbury, and at the North East end of Wenlock Edge.

Wenlock Abbey was founded in the 7th century, when King Wulfhere of Mercia installed his niece St. Milburga as its Abbess.The ruins today date from the 12th century.

The timber framed Guildhall is of 16th century date, and consists of an upper chamber for meetings over an open area that was used by market traders.

Holy Trinity Church is a spacious and stately building with Norman origins, and there are many attractive houses and cottages in the town's pretty streets.

Dr William Brookes, a native of Much Wenlock, was largely responsible for the modern revival of the Olympic Games.

Places in Much Wenlock

Dorter House, Wenlock Guildhall, Wenlock Priory

Places in Much Wenlock...