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Lynmouth is a delightful old fishing village on the North Devon coast, on the edge of Exmoor and 10 miles from Porlock. It has been admired for its picturesque qualities since the Victorian period.

The village is connected by a water-powered cliff railway up the side of the wooded cliffs to the Victorian town of Lynton, 430 feet above.

A disastrous flood in August 1952 killed 34 people and all but destroyed the village.

In the harbour is a rare Rhenish tower, built originally in 1855 to supply saltwater for baths to one of the big houses. It was rebuilt after the flood.

The West Lyn River joins the East Lyn River in the village. The wooded gorge of the West Lyn, known as Glen Lyn, is now a visitor attraction, combining natural beauty with explanatory exhibits about water power.

The Memorial Hall has an exhibition about the 1952 flood.

Along the coast are some of the highest sea cliffs in England.

Lynmouth`s 19th century admirers included the poets Robert Southey and Percy Bysshe Shelley.