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Looe is an attractive coastal town and fishing port in Cornwalll, 7 miles from Liskeard.

The name is Celtic, and means "pool of water".

In reality, it is two towns, East Looe and West Looe, connected by a bridge over the mouth of the Looe River.

East Looe is the more visited part, with densely packed stone houses and narrow streets with no room for cars.

The Guildhall dates from the 16th century and has a pillory preserved outside it.

In 1346, the town contibuted 20 ships (nearly as many as London) and 315 men to Edward III`s fleet that was besieging Calais.

West Looe is mainly Victorian. The mediaeval St. Nicholas` Church has a detached bell tower.

There is a little sandy bay and picturesque cliffs.

Looe developed in the 20th century as England`s leading shark fishing centre.

Offshore is Looe Island, sometimes known as St.George`s Island, and outside the town is a woolly monkey sanctuary.

Places in Looe

Looe Station