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Leominster is a busy and attractive market town in Herefordshire, 12 miles from Hereford.

It is pronounced "Lemster".

The town's mediaeval prosperity was derived from wool, and in particular the local Ryeland sheep.

Leominster Priory, now the parish church, is an important 12th century building, with an excellent Norman West doorway and the nave dating back to 1130. The original foundation was by Earl Leofric.

The Grange is a beautifully carved timber framed building, the carving being the work of John Abel, the King's carpenter, in 1633. It was formerly the Market Hall, standing in the High Street, but was moved in 1856 to a spot beside a park.

The Market Place is busy, and there are many black and white houses as well as Georgian ones.

The Folk Museum is one of the finest small town museums in the country.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Leominster for groups.

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Leominster Priory, Leominster Station

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