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Jarrow is a town in Tyne and Wear, formerly County Durham, 5 miles from Gateshead.

There are extensive remains of the great monastery, founded by Benedict Biscop, where the Venerable Bede lived and worked.

Beside this is St. Paul`s Church, partly Anglo-Saxon, which was associated with the monastery. It was originally two churches. It is the church in the world to have an Anglo-Saxon window containing Anglo-Saxon glass. The dedication stone survives, above the tower arch, dated 681.

Bede`s World is a museum and tourist attraction, and also features a reconstructed Anglo-Saxon farm.

The Jarrow Marchers were working men of the town who in 1936 marched to London to draw attention to the region`s unemployment.

In the town centre is a statue of two Vikings.

Catherine Cookson, novelist; and Jack Cunningham, politician, were born at Jarrow.

Places in Jarrow

Jarrow Station