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Heysham is an attractive coastal village in Lancashire, 3 miles from Morecambe.

The correct pronunciation is "Heesham".

It is one of the outstandingly historic religious sites in the country.

St. Peter`s Church was founded in 967, on the site of an even earlier church. It is one of the oldest churches continuing in regular use in Europe. The church has much Anglo-Saxon work, and overlooks the sea. In the churchyard are the remains of ancient crosses, and kept inside the church is a richly carved hogback gravestone.

On a height above the church are the remains of St. Patrick`s Chapel, dating from around the mid 8th century, and probably founded by missionaries from Ireland. The site contains a series of rock hewn graves, unique in Britain.

In the main street of the village, the excellent Heysham Heritage Centre was opened in 2000.

Ferry services operate from Heysham to the Isle of Man.

Places in Heysham

Heysham Port Station