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Exmoor is a scenic area in South West England, straddling the borders of Devon and Somerset.

It is characterised by high windy moorland and deep wooded combes, with steep cliffs along the Bristol Channel coast which are among England`s highest.

Exmoor was designated a National Park in 1954. It extends for 265 square miles and includes the Brendon Hills.

The area was mostly wild country, which had once been a Norman hunting park, until the 19th century, when it was partly tamed by John Knight, a wealthy ironmaster, who created farmland with miles of beech hedges.

Among the wildlife of Exmoor are red deer and the famous Exmoor ponies.

The highest point on Exmoor is Dunkery Beacon at 1750 feet, and among the rivers are the Burle, the Exe and the East and West Lyn.

R. D. Blackmore`s romantic novel "Lorna Doone" was set on Exmoor, and many tourists visit the area to see the places mentioned in the book.