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Crediton is a historic old market town in South Devon, on the little River Creedy and 8 miles from Exeter.

It was formerly two towns, joined by a new road in the 19th century. East Crediton is the older settlement, and is where the parish church is situated. West Crediton is the present town centre, with its shops and Town Square.

Crediton was the birthplace in the late 7th century of Winfrith, who became much better known as a missionary to Germany, Bishop of Mainz (who crowned Charlemagne`s father Pepin) and patron saint of Germany and the Netherlands.

It is also the site of Devon`s first cathedral, until the see was moved to Exeter in 1050.

Holy Cross Church is a magnificent church, mainly dating from the 15th century, of red sandstone, but with an earlier chapter house attached. It has an enormous central tower, and could well be mistaken for a cathedral. The church`s full title is the Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross and of the Mother of Him Who Hung Thereon.

The statue of St. Boniface, in a pretty park and close to St. Boniface`s Well, was unveiled by Princess Margaret in 1960.

The 12th century St. Lawrence`s Chapel stands near St. Lawrence`s Green at the Western edge of the town.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Crediton for groups.

Places in Crediton

Crediton Station, Downes