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Bridlington is a popular seaside resort in Yorkshire, 15 miles from Scarborough.

There is a good range of amusements to complement the sandy beaches, working harbour and cliffs.

A mile inland is the original town, known sometimes as Old Bridlington and sometimes as Burlington.

Here is Bridlington Priory, a fine old Augustinian priory church dating from the 12th century. It escaped destruction at the Dissolution of the Monasteries because it was already in use as a parish church.

The last prior was hanged at Tyburn, having taken part in the Pilgrimage of Grace.

St. John of Bridlington died in 1379, and is credited with working miracles both before and after his death.

Bayle Gate is 14th century and was a gateway into the priory. It now houses a small museum.

In 1643, Henrietta Maria landed at Bridlington from Holland with arms for her husband, Charles I. In 1779 the town was bombarded by the American privateer John Paul Jones.

Among those born at Bridlington are William Kent, architect, landscape gardener and furniture designer; and A. E. Matthews, comedy actor.

Les Dawson observed of Bridlington matinee audiences "You could see the dampness rising from the wet raincoats like mist on the marshes."

The spectacular headland known as Flamborough Head is nearby.

Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby is available to lead Guided Walks around Bridlington for groups.

Places in Bridlington

Beside the Seaside, Bridlington Priory, Bridlington Station, Harbour Museum and Aquarium

Places in Bridlington...