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Bow Bells (A Guided Walk in London)

“Bow Bells” is a fascinating Guided Walk in London devised and led by the well-known Blue Badge Guide Colin Crosby, of Colin Crosby Heritage Tours.

These walks are an enjoyable way of learning some Local History.

It starts outside St. Pauls Cathedral, by the Queen Anne Statue.

The walk investigates the old street of Cheapside, where London’s mediaeval markets were held; the Blackfriars, an important religious centre in the Middle Ages; and the real Dick Whittington, a very rich merchant who was actually Lord Mayor of London four times.

And of course it involves the church of St. Mary le Bow. This is the church within the sound of whose bells you have to be born in order to be a proper Cockney.

Along the way, lots of interesting but unsuspected delights emerge, such as the tranquil Wardrobe Place, the enigmatic London Stone and the iconic Millennium Bridge.

This is one of a number of interesting walks that Colin leads around little-known districts in and around the City of London. Others include “Southwark and Bankside”, “Smithfield and Clerkenwell”, “Spitalfields” and “Fleet Street and Holborn”.

Dates, costs and where to meet

A place on 'Bow Bells' costs £6.00 per person, or £5.00 if paying in advance. The guided walk begins at St. Pauls Cathedral, and is running on:

I'm sorry, but there are no plans to run this event at present.

If you would like to book a place on one of these dates, please telephone Colin on (0116) 2611576 or email him at

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